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Ammonite New Eco Packaging


Recently Ammonite started reducing the use of plastic packaging of the equipment to a minimum. Plastic, impractical and actually "single-use" cases have been replaced by solid recycled cardboard packaging. In addition, they got rid of the foam inserts without any sentiment.


This solution reduces the carbon footprint in the production of our diving equipment. The lack of plastic cases also means a smaller volume of packages sent to you and the ability to easier assemble the desired sets in a variety of configurations.


Ammonite actively supports some initiatives positively influencing the improvement of the underwater ecosystem. A good example is the cooperation with an international non-profit organization operating since 2009.


Ghost Diving brings together volunteers, primarily technical divers who specialize in the removal of lost nets, fishing gear and other marine debris.


Ammonite also strives to educate beginner divers by encouraging everyone to take care of our environment. Let's admire the underwater world by leaving only bubbles behind. Let us not touch the bottom unnecessarily, don’t grab the elements of a coral reef animals. If you find garbage under or above water, take it with you. Do not litter the water reservoirs yourself by building underwater attractions from toxic and uncleaned wrecks or garbage. Go diving with your partner in one car. Don't be passive to the recklessness of others. Consciously buy equipment that will serve you for a long time.


Let's change the world together for the better, in harmony with nature.