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The Powerjet Fins from Tecline are suitable for technical, cave & wreck divers and are very effective for swimming long distances. The fins are available in three different versions: hard, medium and soft.

The soft fins are designed for beginners as they are a great substitute for any soft fins but feature all benefits of jet fins at the same time. The medium fins are the most universal whereas the hard fins are made for presicion seekers like dedicated photographers, survey divers and instructors.


The fins have the following features:

  • Easier and more precise manoeuvring
  • Very effective modified flutter and frog kick
  • Perfect fit for standard boots, flex/turbo soles and rock boots
  • Significant saving of diver’s energy and gas consumption
  • Effective long distance swimming using modified techniques.


The fins can be found here in the webshop.


Download the product brochure here