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Combipack Weights
Combipack Weights

These PVC square soft weights fit into weight integration BCD’s and have webbing straps to allow compatibility with weight belts as well. Available in 500g, 1kg and 2kg weight options.

  • ECO friendly
  • Lead shot sewn into durable PVC bags
  • Fit in BCD weight pockets
  • Fit on waist belt
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55220.10011BW softlood Combipack m lus 0,5kgST€ 7.50€ 7.50
55220.10012BW softlood Combipack m lus 1kgST€ 11.95€ 11.95
55220.10013BW softlood Combipack m lus 2kgST€ 21.95€ 21.95