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Weight Integration Straps Black 6x0,5kg
Weight Integration Straps Black 6x0,5kg

Supplied in a pack of (2) x 6 holster straps to fit our 500g slug weights. 6 holster fits into weight pockets and 2 holster in the trim pockets of weight integration BCD’s. Total weight capacity of 8kg. (16 x 500g slug weights). Supplied in a pair.

  • Hold 500g slug weights
  • Computerised quad stitching on double webbing
  • 2 X 3kg straps for BCD side pockets
  • 2 X 1kg straps for BCD back trim pockets
  • Weights not included
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55220.10120BW Holsterband Zwart tbv 6x0.5 (per paarPR€ 8.95€ 8.95